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Physical health is a state of ivermectin in which there is a perfect regulation of life processes, regardless of external indicators. In addition, this group also includes a high degree of resistance and adaptation to numerous environmental factors, as well as the harmony of all physiological processes.


The degree of physical activity and physical fitness. Physical development. The fitness of the body, which depends on the regularity and consistency of training. In many ways, the above functions ensure the physical health of the human body. Moreover, the necessary components, on which the status of a person's bodily state depends, are the body's immune tone and its sensory health.

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Ivermectin, spiritual health - in medicine there are a large number of all kinds of concepts. Despite the multiplicity of definitions, the essence boils down to the following: the mental health of a person is her ability to adequately respond to the environment, both internal and external.

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The main component of this type of health is the ability, regardless of external and internal stimuli, to balance oneself and one's mood. The centerpiece here is the psychological well-being of the human body.

Preservation of mental health is inextricably linked with the social well-being of an individual. A favorable social state is the ability to successfully adapt to the social environment in which the individual is at the moment. It is also necessary to note here the preservation of the ability to successfully perform social functions.

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Such health is an indicator of an individual's activity in society, that is, the presence of connections, resources, fruitful communication, the quality of interaction are indicators of a high social well-being of an individual.

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A decent level of health allows a person to tune in to active interaction with the outside world.

It should be noted that the concept of social health entered modern pedagogical and psychological science relatively recently. That is why it is impossible to approve with complete certainty the list of measurable criteria.

However, the general opinion boils down to the following postulates that form a prosperous social state of a person: the presence of an understanding of moral norms accepted in society; a worthy level of spiritual development; adaptation to the social environment; mastering moral values.

Sociology and psychology of personality contain a list of criteria, the observance of which is necessary to maintain a high level of health

Awareness of one's own "I", and on a par with that - the experience of a sense of constancy and unity of the physical body and the spiritual. An adequate level of requirements and criticality to one's own personality, as well as a normal assessment of its results.

The preservation of mental health depends largely on the preservation of the individual's individuality

The ability to control one's own behavior, including in non-standard critical situations. Normal reaction to generally accepted rules of conduct in modern society, to moral attitudes and legal norms. Understanding the need for positive planning of both work and personal activities, as well as the successful implementation of the goals and objectives.


It is important to take into account the negative changes in the external environment, which directly affect the structure of the personality, causing mental illness. Despite aboutnegative points, it is important to maintain a positive attitude and develop your own methods of overcoming obstacles.


Psychological health in medicine is called a dynamic set of personality traits that are capable of providing harmony between a person's needs and the requirements that are presented to him by society.

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sychological or spiritual health is one of the most important prerequisites for the development and self-actualization of a person.

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Maslow was the first to highlight the qualities that contribute to strengthening the health of the psychological side of ivermectin

Orientation to real events. Concentration of thoughts not on one's own personality, but on the problem. The need for loneliness. Spirituality and spiritual development. Independence. Sense of humor and so on.


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